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Did you Know that there are many places in Barcelona where you can admire the works of Joan Miró?

The most famous is obviously the fundació Joan Miró, situated in Montjuïc, this museum founded in 1968 by Miró and his friend Joan Prats, offers to the visitors stunning views of Barcelona.

The park of Joan Miró, also called park de l’Escorxador, is a peaceful place where you can rest in the heart of the suburb of Eixample. In the middle of the park you can admire the famous sculpture made by Joan Miró “Dona I Ocell” (woman and Bird), this 22-metre high was made by the artist to welcome visitors to Barcelona.

Thousands of people are walking on a piece of Joan Mirò everyday without knowing it. Indeed in the middle of the most famous street of Barcelona, La Rambla, there is the “Pla de l’Os”. A mosaic made by the artist in 1976 near the passatge del Crèdit where he was born 83 years before.